[GTK+] GJS로 'Hello world' 창띄어보기

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자바스크립트를 이용하여 GNOME에서 창을 띄어보기

출처: YES! Gnome JS Bindings Documentation is now available! 


//The previous line is a hash bang which tells how to run the script.
// Note that the script has to be executable (run in terminal in the right folder: chmod +x scriptname)
// Initialize GTK+
var Gtk = imports.gi.Gtk;
Gtk.init(null, 0);
// Create your window, name it, and connect the “click x to quit” function.
// The word “window” is a JavaScript keyword, so we have to
// call it something different.
var mywindow = new Gtk.Window({type: Gtk.WindowType.TOPLEVEL});
mywindow.title = "Hello World!";
mywindow.connect("destroy", function(){Gtk.main_quit()});
// Add some text to your window
var label = new Gtk.Label({label: "Hello World"});
// Make the label and the window itself visible to the user
// Let the user run the app

chmod +x helloworld.js


Hello World!

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