TIME誌(타임지) March 14, 2016 "the 45th President of the United States - On the plane with Donald Trump by David Von Drehle" 특집 기사을 읽다 든 생각.

Trump 특집으로 나오는 기사를 보고, 미국 대선 예비후보들도 당선을 위해서는 평범한 일반인 코스프레 혹은 서민 코스프레를 하구나를 깨달음.

On the left, Bernie Sanders blasts greedy billionaires. On the right, Ted Cruz appears in campaign ad slathered with war paint in a backwoods duck blind, as Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, pronounces the Ivy League-educated Senator to be "one of us". Even Hillary Clinton is sharpening her smooth-edged coalition politics, telling voters they're "right to be angry".

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