Priscilla Ahn - Remember How I Broke Your Heart

Priscilla Ahn의 감미로운 목소리와 가사가 마음에 들은 곡. 

서로 싸우고 헤어진 연인에게, 다른 사람과 결혼하고 행복하지만,  헤어진 연인에게 미련이 가진 내용을 가진 가사.


It was a grey sky on a Monday. 
There was nothing more I could say
so I called you from Ohio
in a parking lot of a motel.
I remember how you greeted me
like you knew we were not meant to be
on this phone call after two years of the fighting, of the mad tears 

Remember how I broke your heart? 

After all that we've been through,
all the damages I bestowed on you,
all the jealousies you engraved in me.
The end was near, it had to be.
So I called you from Ohio
in a parking lot of a motel to say nothing and yet everything.
I remember I was trembling 

Remember how I broke your heart? (x2) 

Now I'm drinking to forget you,
spending money, got a tattoo.
Stayed a weekend up in Oregon,
bought a plane ride to an island.
But I stopped first in Toronto,
met a man who almost let me go.
Four years later he married me.
I am happier than I dreamed I'd be 

So you see I had to let you go
in a phone call from Ohio
filled with silence and apologies. Still I loved you as you loved me Remember how I broke your heart?

ps. 헤어진 사람에게는 마음 한켠에 미련이 남게 마련.

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