Yesterday, I met Japanese developer from Nagoya(名古屋), Japan(日本) at HiveArena Coworking space(하이브아레나 코워킹스페이스) in Seoul(서울), Korea(한국).

When I met Japanese developer, I  recommended Korean trip sites to him. then I spoke to him in Japanese about development environment of Korea and Japan.
He is traveling Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, etc.
Yesterday, He was final day in Korea, then next day he'll go to malaysia.
He is very interesting guy for me.
He said to me Worldwird, Japan & Taiwan’s developer meetup site. so I aggregated Korea, Japan, Taiwan’s meetup site.

I have no information in China meetup site. haha

If I'll meet Chinese developer, I'll add China's meetup sites in that List.

2017.07.17. Nogata Jun informed me about Japanese developer meetup sites(ATND, TECH PLAY). so I add that list. Thank You!

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