CJK(Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Currency Units - 圓    

한국어(Korea): (Won, Sign: ₩, Code: KRW - The Currency of South Korea) 

IMG_0446 by foomtsuruhashi 저작자 표시비영리변경 금지

일본어(日本語, Japanese) : (En, えん, Sign:  ¥, Code: JPY- The Currency of Japan)

Top Japanese 10,000 Yen Note, Macro Photo
Top Japanese 10,000 Yen Note, Macro Photo by IvanWalsh.com 저작자 표시

중국어[정체](繁體中文, Traditional Chinese) : (formally) or 元(informally) [yuán, ㄩㄢˊ] (简体中文:圆)  

2010-10-25 014
2010-10-25 014 by 石川 Shihchuan 저작자 표시비영리동일조건 변경허락

중국어[간체](简体中文, Simplified Chinese) :  (formally) or 元(informally) [yuán, ㄩㄢˊ] (繁體中文:

it's money, comrade
it's money, comrade by pnoeric 저작자 표시동일조건 변경허락

The word yuan (written as 元 (informally) or 圓 (formally)) in Chinese literally means round, after the shape of the coins. The Korean[한국어] and Japanese[日本語] currency units, won[원] and yen[円] respectively, are cognates of the yuan and have the same Chinese character[漢字,汉字] (korean: 한자[hanja]/japanese: かんじ[kanji]) representation, but in different forms (respectively, 원/圓[한국어] and 円/圓[日本語]), also meaning round in Korean[한국어] and Japanese[日本語]

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